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Opinion: Charan & NTR Should Have Escorted Rajamouli


Despite the fact that the Film Federation of India hasn’t supported “RRR” in its Oscar race, the Hollywood distributors of the movie including Variance and other associated companies are making sure that the magnum opus gets huge attention in Los Angeles such that ‘The Academy’ members will watch it, and nominate it hopefully.

To make things work in favor of the film, none other than SS Rajamouli has flown to the USA and we have seen the kind of reception he got at the Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles as the film was screened on an Imax screen there.

While Ram Charan is sharing all those videos of Rajamouli on his Insta stories and NTR also talking about it with his friends, one wonders why these two heroes didn’t escort their director to this Los Angeles trip.

While Rajamouli is winning all the accolades for making such a great film, surely the actors Charan and NTR breathed life into Ram and Bheem, and their presence would have more impact.

Right now both these star heroes are not shooting for any movie right now, and are relaxing at home only. One wonders why didn’t they accompany the director or maybe they are not called up, but if they did go to the USA, things would have been different.




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