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Dasara Target: Godfather @ 100, The Ghost @ 25


After a long time at the Telugu box office, two biggies are clashing with each other on the festival eve and they are none other than Megastar’s “Godfather” and Nagarjuna’s “The Ghost”. Both are set for a Dasara release on October 5th and already the advance bookings are kick-ass for Megastar Chiru’s movie while Nagarjuna’s film is slowly picking up. What are the targets for these movies anyway?

Actually, Megastar is adamant about not selling the movie for exorbitant prices as ‘Acharya’ fetched huge losses to distributors after being sold at ₹140+ crores to worldwide theatrical circuits. Still, we have to say that “Godfather” was sold for a stunning number as the makers fetched a total of ₹95+ crores from the theatrical market across the world. The film was sold for almost ₹70+ crores in Telugu states alone, while it fetched close to a million from the USA and another ₹10-15 crores from the rest of the world and other Indian states. With additional expenses costing nearly ₹5+ crores for publicity and all, “Godfather” has to collect nearly ₹100+ crores share from the box office to become a ‘hit’ film.

Coming to Nagarjuna’s “The Ghost”, it looks like the film hasn’t fetched much with the actor’s previous release “The Bangarraju” collecting only ₹34+ crores share even after getting a positive talk. “The Ghost” fetched ₹18 crores from Telugu states, and ₹1 crore from the USA and the rest of the areas included, the theatrical rights including print and publicity costs were sold at ₹24 crores. If the film collects even a crore more than that from all the territories and all languages, it will become a super hit.

“Godfather” happens to be a remake of the Malayalam blockbuster Lucifer, and the Telugu version is directed by Mohan Raja of Thani Oruvan (Dhruva in Telugu) fame. Praveen Sattaru who delivered Garudavega earlier has carved “The Ghost”.




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