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Chiru Is The Only Person, Who Slept On My Couch: Salman Khan


Megastar Chiranjeevi and Superstar Salman Khan are coming together in the political action thriller GodFather directed by Mohan Raja and produced by Ram Charan, R B Choudary and N V Prasad under Konidela Production Company and Super Good Films. The film’s Hindi trailer was released today in Mumbai and the event was attended by Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, Satya Dev, Mohan Raja and the producers.

While speaking at the event, Mohan Raja said, “The shooting was sudden and the program was sudden. Everything went on so smoothly. Salman Khan came just because of the friendship he shares with Chiranjeevi. I didn’t strain myself to direct Sallu sir. The opportunity came out of luck to me. This is a dream come true for me to direct two megastars in one film. This film will satisfy all audiences. It’s a political thriller with family emotions. We’ve taken enough care. Satya Dev will become a big star. He’s doing a Bollywood film Ram Setu. We’re giving an engaging and amazing movie. Watch it in theatres.”

Satya Dev said, “This is really a surreal moment for me to stand in front of my beloved Annayya megastar Chiranjeevi garu and Salman Bhai. It’s a great feeling. So early in my career. I just want to share one thing. I’ve become an actor because of my love towards Annayya. He was the one who cast me in the film. Not my wildest dreams, I had this thing that, I would act in front of my idol. Raja sir was always there to comfort me. While I was doing the movie, they all of the sudden told me, you have to face another person, that is Salman Bhai. I was so nervous. I’m the antagonist for them. More than that, it was the responsibility that kept me going. I have to make sure; I have to withhold my annayya’s name. And the choice he took has to be good. I gave my best. I’m fortunate that I’m part of Ram Setu. Raja sir looks really cool. To be honest, to direct two superstars, someone has to have nerves of steel. Everyone has seen the movie and they’re talking high about the movie.”

Chiranjeevi said, “Long ago, I did a movie called Pratibandh, followed by Gentleman and Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj. At that time, I didn’t know, there was a separation between national films (Hindi) and regional films. After that, I tried, but I had to concentrate on Telugu films. I was away from Hindi. I always wanted to see there should be one film- that is Indian film. It’s my strong wish. In 1985, I made a film named Rudraveena. It won Nargis Dutt Award. That time, I happened to be here in Mumbai to receive the award on behalf of my producers. I had seen pictures showing the history of Indian cinema. I was so pleased to see the posters of Bollywood legends. But at the same time, I was surprised and shocked that there were no posters of south legends who were treated as demigods by fans. It was very painful for me. To the foreign delegates, Bollywood cinema was projected as the actual Indian cinema. I felt bad that time. I wished those barriers should go. Whether it’s south or north, every film is called Indian film. Our emotions and sentiments are the same. All our actors are great.

There’s an important role in GodFather and we wanted Salman Khan for that character. When we approached him, he immediately said yes. He neither wanted to watch the original film Lucifer, nor he wanted narration about the character and the movie. The aura of the movie has been raised with his presence. I and Charan will always be indebted to Salman Khan who didn’t take remuneration for the movie.”

Chiranjeevi also hinted at the possibility of a sequel for GodFather.

Salman Khan said, “When they say casting couch does not exist. They’re wrong. The casting couch does exist. We were doing a commercial together in Thailand. We came back to Mumbai. He was to take a flight to Hyderabad the next day’s morning. So, the only person, apart from me who slept on my couch was Chiru garu. He landed about 1:30. We sat up and spoke. I asked him to go to the bedroom to sleep. But he wanted to sleep on the couch. How to tell him, I sleep on the couch (laughs). I said okay. I went to the bedroom and went to sleep and he slept on the couch. Because of that, I was cast in this film.

Chiru garu told me that there’s a small role in this film. I said Chiru garu make me stand behind you, I’m fine. No, I’ll give you a very noble role. And that’s what he did. It’s the love for cinema that you have and I have.”

Salman revealed how Ram Charan came on board to play a cameo in his movie co-starring Venkatesh. “Veny was there with me. We were shooting. Ram Charan came to see me. And, he said I’m going to do this. Then I said no. He said he wanted to be with me and Venky in the same frame. I thought he was just kidding. I said we’ll talk about it tomorrow. The next day, he got his costume and he was there before us. That’s how he came into the film. And we had a great time shooting.”

Salman Khan also said that he has no qualms in doing south movies and the multi-starrer culture will help in increasing business of cinema.




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