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1000 Cr For Bigg Boss: Salman Jokes On Rumors


There’s been a rumor going rounds that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is charging 1000 cr remuneration for the Bigg Boss show. The actor reacted to the rumors and even cracked some jokes.

Salman Khan interacted with the media during the press conference while he introduced the first contestant of Big Boss 16, singer Abdu Rozik. When asked about the rumors about his fee for the show. Salman Khan denied it and in wit.

Salman Khan said, If I get this amount, I will not work in my life… That ₹ 1,000 crores, I was rumored to be getting this year, I was about to return the money I never got in the first place. So, Colors will be in complete profit.’

He further joked about it saying, ‘If I am getting this fee, I have so many expenses, like the fees of the lawyers (laughs). Here Salman earns, here Salman gives. It comes, it goes. There is income tax… The ED also notices that and they come. They know the truth.’

Salman also shared his experience of hosting the show. ‘It’s been 12 years now, I am used to it. I like the game and there is a lot to learn, he said.




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