Vijay Devarakonda Movie Ye Mantram Vesave Review

Vijay Devarakonda Movie Ye Mantram Vesave Review

Vijay Devarakonda Movie Ye Mantram Vesave Review :

Movie Name : Ye Mantram Vesave
Movie Cast    : Vijay Devarakonda, Shivani Singh
Director      : Shridhar Marri
Producer        : Malkapuram Shiva Kumar
Music Director :  Abdus Samad


Arjun Reddy Fame Vijay Devarakonda became very famous in less time in Telugu film industry with his action. Now his new movie released in theaters recently “Ye Mantram Vesave “. Let Us see what this film is..Here is, Vijay Devarakonda Movie Ye Mantram Vesave Review.

Story :

Vijay as Nikhil  is a video game enthusiast. He spends a lot of time with playing games in the internet and wastes his time. He also makes money with these games and also very enthusiastic about girls. Shivani as Raga mallika was a video game designer.  Nikhil meets her  in online and seeing his enthusiasm about her she asks him to complete that game. Nikhil accepts for that and started the game. Now what happened between both and how he got succeeded in game is rest part of the movie.

Performances :

As we know that Vijay Devarakonda performance is very  superb, he done very good and decent job in this movie. He looks very cute in this film. Shivani is just better in her acting where the story revolves around her more. Other actors performances are good. The concept of finding heroine is well and second part has actual story.

Technical Aspects:

Production values of the film are just about ok or average. Editing and background score is also just ok. Dilogues are little bit good and decent. Director has done little bad job with his bad script.  Music is also little bit good.

Verdict :

On the whole, this movie is game between the creator of game and an player of video games. The story of the movie is different but it has bad script. As he done decent job in this film but the story was little bad. This film is based on games and some emotions too. This movie atlast didn’t reached expectations of fans and audience. This film was executed little bad.

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