“Raa Raa” Horror Movie Review

Raa Raa movie 2018
Movie Name  : Raa Raa
Movie Cast     : Srikanth, Naziya, others
Director           : Shankar
Producer         : M.Vijey
Music Director: Rap Rock Shakil


Srikanth has good fans in all walks of his life. Now after a long  gap, he  came back  with the film Raa Raa which is Horror . He can maintain  balance between movies of both family and mass films. It is horror and comedy base film which hitted the screens today..Let’s see how the film was..

Story :-

Raj Kiran(Srikanth) is a director who always makes bad films. But Raj kiran is son of a successful director called Giri Babu, he fails to make a  good successful movie. At that time, his mother falls  very sick, then he decided  to make a horror comedy to make things work good. By after convincing the producer, he choses a bungalow for film  location and takes  unit of people to begin shooting . At There, he experienced with some spirits and they do not allow his movie team to leave that bunglaw. How Raj come out of this bungalow  with his team ? How does he fulfill his wish to make a successful film is rest of the story.

performances :-

Srikanth did a decent job. It  is the first time for srikanth that he did in a horror comedy. All his funny expressions in comedy scenes was also decent. Giri Babu is very good as Raj Kiran’s father. Comedians Ali,Venu and Sinu played good impressive roles.

Analysis :

This film Production is about okay. The camerawork is decent in bunglaw visuals and nature. Editing is also okay and it  has good background music. There is no excitement in the film from begining to end .  However, the second half will have been better.  At the end, it serves all the expectations. Srikanth has succeeded in his first horror film and it looks like a decent film at the end.

Verdict :-

In this movie Raa Raa, there is no story and basic thrills.  These Horror comedies are becoming common in Tollywood. As the story is common, Srikanth makes more attached to this film.


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